Esalen: The Heart of Awareness Workshop

March 15-20, 2020
Big Sur, California

A Body-Mind Psychotherapy Introductory and Advanced Training Workshop

BMP workshops vary tremendously with location. BMP workshops at Esalen are even more unique. Esalen is an extraordinarily beautiful and healing environment. The environment encourages a very personal experience. Intellectual and professional goals either become met very organically or they dissolve away. This workshop still qualifies for certification in BMP.

Registration for this workshop opens September, 2015 through Esalen. To be placed a BMP mailing list reminding you of the opening of registration:

Course Description:

The Heart of Awareness:
Joining Embodiment and Meditation, Discovering Healing and Compassion

Embodiment and meditation are both gateways into the present moment. Simple practices involving sensation, breathe, voice and movement can be a primary source of presence, compassion, insight, healing, and real change. Opening to and with our literal physical hearts takes us into the confluence of the emotional and the spiritual, healing and compassion. This workshop both requires and develops a gentle courageous relationship to ourselves and allows us access to our own experiential truth. Our own living embodiment practice forms the basis for our interactions with others and the possibility of healing individually and relationally. Healing, in turn, forms a spring board to human development and grounded spirituality. Learning about the community of cells, tissues, and fluids within our bodies becomes a working metaphor for establishing community with others.

In this workshop, we will practice embodiment and meditation practices each day, share and support each other, study experiential anatomy, psychophysical development, and the relationship between trauma, dissociation, and embodiment, and work with each other to develop somatic skills for personal, relational, and professional use. Our intention will be to know better, refresh, and strengthen our hearts, guts, pelvic floor, brains, and cells.

Susan Aposhyan’s somatic teaching style is very direct, personal, playful, and profound. She is a lifelong student of anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, human development. She is committed to supporting the learning and growth of her students.

Recommended Reading: For all participants, please have read Susan's books Natural Intelligence and Body-Mind Psychotherapy.

To order: Natural Intelligence is available here.

Body-Mind Psychotherapy can be ordered through the publisher, W.W. Norton at 1-800-233-4830, ISBN 0-393-70441-6 or online at Discount provided if you specify that you are purchasing it for professional use.