Embodiment Everywhere!

Ongoing Event with Susan Aposhyan
Online Project • Happening Anywhere and Everywhere

Wherever you are, get tools for applying embodiment to your life and work!

Introductory level:
Learn Embodiment Practice online!
Understand embodiment in human beings.

Advanced Levels for psychotherapists, Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, Counselor, Psychotherapists, Body Psychotherapists, Body-Mind Psychotherapists, meditation teachers, and other health and spiritual practitioners:

Explore details of application to your practice.
Learn to facilitate Embodiment Practice and other mindfulness of body practices.

Public Group sessions: Write us with your time zone, personal and professional interests and we will look for a group that fits your needs.

Individual sessions: Focus on your particular interests.

Private Group sessions: Bring your colleagues together to learn about embodiment within your own community.

Email NOW! Together, let's plant more seeds of embodiment around the world.