In 1998, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins published Natural Intelligence. It was received with great excitement in the somatic and therapeutic professional communities and also attracted lay audiences with its simple experiential language.

in 2007, Body-Mind Psychotherapy and its subsidiary Now Press assumed the rights to Natural Intelligence and now offers it directly from this website.

In 2004, W.W. Norton & Co. published Body-Mind Psychotherapy: Principles, Techniques, and Practical Applications. It was hailed as a "body-psychotherapy classic, equivalent to Reich's Character Structure or Lowen's Language of the Body," by Roz Carroll, UK body psychotherapist and author.

Body-Mind Psychotherapy

Embodiment is the moment to moment process by which human beings may allow our awareness to enhance the flow of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and energies through our bodily selves. Embodiment requires the creative ability to allow the life of the universe to move through our bodies, be colored by our unique perspective, and move back out into the world. Embodiment implies an unencumbered flow of life into us as food, air, liquid, sights, sounds, and more organized experiences. More...

Natural Intelligence

Watching an amoeba moving through fluid, one can see the currents of water around it and the currents of the plasma within it. The membrane separating the two—amoeba from the water—responds to both but seems to maintain some intention as well. The membrane shapes itself to engulf a particle in the outer fluid. It does so without resisting or jumping ahead of either the inner or outer flow. We humans have infinitely more forces moving us at every moment, yet we can integrate this natural intelligence of the amoeba on many levels. More...

Natural Intelligence is one of my favorites. I share my dog-earred copy with my students and clients, because the exercises are so valuable.
— Jan Cook, Organizational Educator
Body-Mind Psychotherapy is a masterpiece.
— Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, founder Body-Mind Centering