Body-Mind Psychotherapy is a simple, user-friendly approach to working with the body in psychotherapy. It is designed to safely empower the individual to move forward in their unique developmental sphere.

Body-Mind Psychotherapy training is designed for all helping professionals interested in utilizing experiential body-mind integration and affective neuroscience in their relationships with their clients.

Body-Mind Psychotherapy (BMP) is a somatic-cognitive approach to psychotherapy developed by Susan Aposhyan which is uniquely focused on physiology, neuroscience, and early motor development. Mindfulness of body sensation is a primary tool. Exactly what is happening in this body, in this moment, in response to this event or emotion? What developmental step is inherent in the movement of these internal states and responses? These are the questions that begin the body-mind psychotherapeutic process.
Embodiment is central to Body-Mind Psychotherapy and is used to antidote dissociative states resulting from the habits of modern life, post-traumatic stress as well as other psychological issues and decisions. BMP utilizes its unique embodiment practice in which sensations are felt and given permission to move, breathe, sound, and rest in their own way.
Development is the core principle for change in BMP. Challenges are understood as developmental milestones and opportunities for growth. Early motor development, drawn from Body-Mind Centering, is utilized as a template for adult development and emotional growth.
Experiential anatomy is another unique tool drawn from Body-Mind Centering and allows dimensionality and deep physiological witnessing in emotional processing.
Training and Consultation: BMP offers a unique perspective on body-mind integration, somatic psychology, body psychotherapy, and psychotherapy in general. BMP can be utilized effectively for individual psychotherapy, couples and family counseling, group therapy, education and training.
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For consultation applying BMP principles in your clinical practice, teaching, or personal development, available in person or by phone/Skype for long distance. Simply email or call 303-440-8889 to schedule with Susan. Most people are surprised by how effective phone and Skype consultation can be in working with the body-mind and core personal issues.