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Embodiment Everywhere!

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Vancouver, BC
Sept 2-5, 2016

Oct 1-2, 2016

Big Sur, California
March 19-24, 2017

Embodiment Everywhere! online

Boulder, ongoingodymindpsych

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Body-Mind Psychotherapy

Natural Intelligence

Excerpt from Natural Intelligence



"Body-Mind Psychotherapy is a masterpiece."

—Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, founder Body-Mind Centering



"Natural Intelligence is one of my favorites. I share my dog-earred copy with my students and clients, because the exercises are so valuable."

— Jan Cook, Organizational Educator

In 1998, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins published Natural Intelligence. It was received with great excitement in the somatic and therapeutic professional communities and also attracted lay audiences with its simple experiential language.

in 2007, Body-Mind Psychotherapy and its subsidiary Now Press assumed the rights to Natural Intelligence and now offers it directly from this website.

In 2004, W.W. Norton & Co. published Body-Mind Psychotherapy: Principles, Techniques, and Practical Applications. It was hailed as a "body-psychotherapy classic, equivalent to Reich's Character Structure or Lowen's Language of the Body," by Roz Carroll UK body psychotherapist and author.




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